“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

Are you interested in our schooling for children with the status of home education?

We are accepting reservations for enrolment in Year 1 for the 2018/2019 school year.
The number of places is limited (we can accept 12 children at most).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the form below or write to us at and we will reply as soon as possible.



Sole Libero carries out education for school-age children in a unique way. The children are educated in accordance with the officially recognised curriculum for primary schools and are officially given home-schooled status.
The child is an active participant in or co-shaper of his/her learning and not merely a passive recipient.
The educational programme encompasses experiential learning in nature, a great deal of free play, and encourages children to explore.
Children perceive this school as socialising with peers, which is full of new experiences and realisations.
It is a form of home education that goes beyond parents raising and socialising their child. It is all about the first-hand experience, rather than observing the goings-on from afar. Diversity among children is welcome and is a part of learning about diversity in society.
The aim of primary school education is recognising a child’s interests – which in most cases leads to oriented schooling in secondary school – to schooling that is the most suitable and right up the child’s alley.
Based on the Scandinavian experience, homework has been reduced to a minimum, so that the children can fulfil their obligations during the time that has been set aside exclusively for school.
Sole Libero is endeavouring to provide the required activities for sport and recreation, and for discovering cultural and natural heritage and art. By doing so, we wish to improve interpersonal relationships, ensure that the children have a positive attitude toward nature, and support the children’s healthy development.

A Day at SL

  • We will be expecting you after 7:00 am and will stay with you until 4:30 pm.
  • The day is adapted to the season and the weather conditions.
  • We start the day off with free play.
  • During free play, we provide the children with a snack, water and tea.
  • Later on, play is redirected to experiential learning.
  • We try to bring the activity closer to all the children by differentiating/adapting it to different levels of understanding.
  • Lunchtime is at noon.
  • Until parents arrive: free play, and one-on-one assistance if need be.

Additional activities that enable us to experience as many new things as possible:

  • Sports trips (tobogganing, skiing, hiking, climbing, swimming, etc.)
  • Visits to the library
  • Cultural events* (puppet shows, museums, concerts)


Cooperation with Parents

Since parents are a very important part of a child’s life and general education, we are striving towards establishing regular communication with parents, and together with them and the child reflect on his/her strengths and make sure that the child attains the standards that are required for further schooling (formative assessment).


At the end of the school year, each child takes a test at the public parent school (more on the topic under the tab Primary School Legislation).
In the 1st triad, from Years 1 to 3, they take a Slovenian Language and Mathematics test.
Because we wish to monitor a child’s progress throughout the year and discover his/her strengths and passions, we will carry out yearlong formative assessment in order to learn about the pupil’s interests.
Pupils should be present at sessions for reviewing the pupils’ portfolio, so that they can give feedback to their parents and express their opinion on their schooling and knowledge, on what they are interested in, in which areas they feel comfortable, and to suggest improvements.
Together with the parents and the pupil, we prepare a personalised programme for further schooling. This way, the pupil is even more involved in shaping his/her learning process.


The price of schooling includes a daily snack and lunch; water and tea are also available all day long. If your child has any special eating habits or diets, let us know.






Price List

The monthly cost, subsidy* included, amounts to 450 euros.

*50% of the tuition fee is co-financed by the founder SIMONKR d. o. o.
In order to enrol, you must agree with the general terms and conditions at the following link: (under construction) General Terms and Conditions.


You can find all the acts here.

Rules on the School Calendar for Elementary Schools

Rules on Knowledge Assessment and Grading and Students’ Progress to a Higher Class Standing in Elementary Schools