Adventure playground

“Play is the highest form of research.”

About the Adventure Playground:

The Adventure Playground is intended for children’s independent, free play. This is a playground where children create their own world and play their own games. An adult is present and can help the children if asked, but does not do things instead of them. The adult helps them to handle tools, supplies the materials for creating, building, etc. The adult can be their confidant, can play with them, but is not their animator and does not entertain them nor guide and plan activities.
In today’s world, where all eyes are on children and their childhood, we sometimes deprive them of what is most important for their development – free play, etc., in the desire to give them the best.
We take them to activities that are supposed to be the most beneficial for them. These afternoon activities do not have room for individuality, for children to discover what they like and to repeat that ten times over. They have to stick to the charted course, which was set by adults. It used to be that way only in school, but today it is true of their free time, too. And that is alarming.
Children are slowly becoming passive observers of their lives, and may be given the impression that life is about hurrying all the time, about not having much influence over our own lives. But does it have to be that way?
We gained the deepest insight into this issue during the holidays, when girls – schoolgirls – showed absolutely no self-initiative and were awaiting “orders”, suggestions from adults. “What are we going to do today?”, they asked. We answered: “What do you want to do today?” Some of them were unable to answer and were in a bad mood as a result. “You’re the teacher, you tell us …” That got us thinking. If children have been taught to let others constantly manage their lives, will they feel that they cannot take life into their own hands as adults and will merely await instructions from others? Can you imagine a life in which you do not know what you are passionate about and do not hear your inner voice?
We do not want that for the children. With that in mind, we have decided to prepare an Adventure Playground for them, where they will create their own games. They simply need it.
Without being animated or interfered with, they play and create on their own, and are who they are …
That is the Adventure Playground we have envisioned. What about you? Swing by and get to know us; we will be happy to meet you.

Adventure Afternoons:

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