About us


Our mission is to carry out schooling for school-age children in a unique, relaxed way.
During the educational process, children spend each day and most of the time in nature.
This provides them with enough time for free play and guided play, and for experiential learning.
We strive for the children to discover their passions and strengths during schooling, and for them to be inquisitive in the process; to explore, plan and think about getting specific answers, and about why the answers are the way they are.
This way, the children are active participants in and co-shapers of their own learning process, which is not tied solely to school knowledge, but also to knowledge about oneself, about nature and about many other things that we discover during our adventure under the free sun.

How did it all begin?

Some of us felt that our children should receive primary education that focuses on experiential learning, on learning through play, combined with free play in nature, in the forest’s embrace. We noticed that children were overpowered by external control and we wanted the children to be given enough freedom in school, so that they would think for themselves and become active participants in or co-shapers of their learning, and not merely passive recipients.
After watching the documentary NaturePlay, our eyes lit up … We realised that was what we wanted for the children – daily experiential learning in nature and still enough time for free play. We want the children at Sole Libero to discover that inner spark under the free sun, in nature’s embrace; to be relaxed and smiling; and to learn to cope with their failures through failed experiments, which they had set out to do; and to find a new path and solution that might differ from their original idea.
To find their passion and realise it through play and experiential learning … After all, primary education is meant to enable individuals to discover their strengths, so that they can more easily choose their further education. Before showing the documentary, two of the parents announced that they wanted to offer such education for children in Vrhnika. A few passionate people linked up and decided that they were ready for action, to provide children with a space under the free sun, where they would find their inner spark and stop looking for it outside of themselves. The name had suggested itself and Sole Libero was founded.

NaturePlay (15. 6. 2016) Take Childhood Back Trailer (Video)
Found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIKhp6CFP9Q

Stilling, D. (3. 2. 2014) Nature Play Teaser 2 with Richard Louv (Video)
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